Best Movies to Watch on Netflix UK in 2019

What can be more relaxing than sitting on your couch, eating popcorn, and watching your favorite movie?! Netflix is the most popular movies platform in the UK and not only, where you can choose between a wide range of films, blockbusters as well as classics. If you fancy this idea, then here are the best movies you can watch on Netflix UK in 2019.

The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is an absolutely amazing movie and you can watch it on Netflix UK in 2019. The film won Oscars for both costume design and production. Leonardo di Caprio plays the role of a millionaire, together with his partner, the beautiful and talented Carey Mulligan. The story rounds out the awkward love triangle that actually forms the core of the plot. Very challenging and captivating, The Great Gatsby is without a doubt one of the best movies of all time. Therefore, prepare a mojito and relax while enjoying the wonderful performances of these amazing actors.
War Dogs War Dogs is based on a real story. It is about a group of Americans who become big-time arms dealers, through fraud and opportunism. We can say that this is some sort of black comedy at heart. In plus, Jonah Hill is absolutely brilliant. War Dogs doesn’t win awards for complexity and depth, but it is without a doubt a fun, easy watch for a weekend evening.

A Ghost Story Another excellent movie to watch on Netflix UK in 2019 is A Ghost Story. Even though it may be quite scary for many people, the film is certainly a must-watch one. Therefore, if you are tired of romantic and drama movies, then don’t hesitate and go for A Ghost Story.

Moneyball If you like sports then we strongly recommend watching Moneyball. The film tells the story of a baseball manager, a role played by famous Brad Pitt, who cannot compete with the big budgets of rival clubs. More than this, three of his best players actually move to a rival team. The manager doesn’t raise more money but instead he decides to highly improve the strategy of his team by using statistics. The entire journey to success is very interesting and we are sure that you will be super captivated during the whole movie. Moneyball was nominated for not more and not less than six Oscars.
Lion Lion is based on the memoir of Saroo Brierley. The story is about the life of a young boy who is being separated from his family in India, and who is later adopted in Australia. He starts to discover the story of his childhood as well as adoption. Not only you will learn interesting things about life by watching this movie, but you will also be very impressed by the strength and determination that a human being can have.

All in all, if you want to have a great weekend and simply relax, then we highly recommend any of the above films that are available in 2019 on Netflix UK.

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