Where to Watch a Movie in London?

Are you visiting London and you’d like to watch a movie but you have no idea where is best to go? Would you like to go to a cinema where you can feel comfortable at all times? If so, then we will tell you below where to watch a movie in the British capital.

The Phoenix Cinema
This wonderful single-screen cinema is located in East Finchley, and it is considered one of London’s oldest continuously-open cinema. The Phoenix Cinema was completed in 1910 and opened later in 1912. In plus, since 1985, it has been run as a charitable trust as well. You can choose between a mix of independent and foreign films, and the location is also excellent to catch directors introducing their work, other special events, and late night films.

Stratford Picturehouse
If you are visiting London with the entire family and you want to watch a movie together, then a wonderful idea is to go to Stratford Picturehouse. This cinema family is spacious, with large and comfortable chairs, and a huge screen so that you can enjoy to the fullest the entire cinema experience.

Lexi Cinema
We also want to add to our list the Lexi Cinema, which is actually one of the friendliest cinemas in the British capital. The cinema is run by enthusiastic local volunteers, and all the profit is going to a charity in South Africa. The programme includes recent blockbusters, arthouse movies, and foreign films as well. Furthermore, there are also all sort of special events, Q&As, as well as classic movie seasons. The chairs are extremely comfortable, the sound system innovative, and the bar quite cosy. The staff from here is also responsible for the amazing outdoor cinema called Nomad.

Rich Mix
Rich Mix has recently been saved from threatened closure. The cinema is located in the Shoreditch’s cultural center, where visitors can also enjoy various exhibitions. Rich Mix is being run today as a charity, and it is a vibrant arts hub. It hosts an assortment of music gigs, art exibitions, workshops, themed festivals, and theatre shows. This place is also perfect for those who hire an escort while in London, as seen on https://www.escortrankings.uk/ . Due to the fact that it is private and not too crowded you can go out with an date from 4sd.com and watch a movie at Rich Mix. Remember that London is one of those cities where escorts are very popular, and they can be great companions for those who travel alone.

David Lean Cinema
David Lean Cinema is located in Croydon and it is actually a community-run cinema. It screens arthouse movies, classic re-releases, as well as new blockbusters. The surroundings are quite intimate, and if you want a lovely night with your partner, then we suggest you to try thsi location. The staff is super friendly and the prices extremely affordable. Therefore, you have all the reasons to spend an evening at David Lean Cinema.

All in all, if you are wondering where to watch a movie in London, then all the above locations are excellent for spending a lovely evening with your partner or with the entire family. Just choose the cinema that is closer to you and enjoy to the fullest your favorite movie.

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